Proverbs 19:17 

“Whoever is generous to the poor

lends to the lord, and he

will repay him for his deed.” 





A message from our Pastor

“Be completely humble, and gentle; be patient; bearing with another.”

Divine Sovereignty

Salvation is a free gift of God. The death of Christ on the cross is the only sufficient payment for our sins.  All have sinned. All can be saved. The salvation is available for any who put their trust in Christ as Savior and follow him as the only Lord. Romans 3:23, 6:23; John 3:16 (Make a difference in someone’s life today, and forever till the end of time).



Why Give?

Our giving is a tangible expression of our sole reliance on God as a provider and sustainer. 

Additionally, when we give, we take money’s power away from the bonding effect.